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Max Attraction Gold - the best pheromone product for sex

Max Attraction Gold is the most powerful pheromone product we have ever tested. Available for both men and women, the version we tested literally had women crawling inside my shirt. Nothing comes close to Max Attraction Gold pheromones and if you have not yet tried it you will be as amazed as we were at the undeniable results.

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Liquid Trust - Using a new powerful pheromone

Liquid Trust uses a powerful new pheromone scientists have just discovered that tricks the brain into believing you are in love with that person. Liquid Trust uses proven pheromones that create an incredible bonding sense between strangers that has to be experienced to be believed.

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What are the most powerful pheromones?

What are the most powerful pheromones? The truth about human pheromones is very difficult to find. You need to go deeper, try new products or old and is very likely to be cheated is money, since a large number of products that claim to pheromones, but not. What this article offers an excellent solution for people who have read it is not necessary to go through all the trouble and be torn from their hard earned money. So I suggest to get the information on this item before buying human pheromones. 5. There are three main pheromone substances and widely accepted. Are androstenone, androstenol and androsterone. These three major human pheromones have been effective and are widely accepted in the community pheromones. So if a person is trying to buy human pheromones, pheromone cologne or product must contain at least one of these materials. I recommend that the main substance androstenone. Other pheromones are not effective as a means of obtaining sexual androstenone hits. If there is a pheromone cologne or a product that has all the ingredients, "secret", it is likely that the product does not work then do not buy. The company has publicly admitted that one of the three pheromone products I mentioned above, their product. 4. Human pheromones wilt, rot and die, under certain conditions This fact is very important because it may lead to a defective product. It happened a few times and I had to return the product. It`s a great thing that the website I bought my pheromones offers a 100% guarantee. This will be the case for many people, too. One factor that can easily destroy the pheromones in a bottle is warm and mostly it is the heat from the sun. So if I ordered a product pheromone as Alter Ego, and on my way home, the package is exposed to sunlight too long, pheromones in the bottle breakage and no longer work. When this happens, the bottle usually feels really weird and funky. So always put your cologne a place away from heat and must be at room temperature, at any time. In addition, businesses and sellers pheromone pheromone understand this concept very well. Many things or situations that can occur that can make the pheromone product ineffective and useless, why they do not mind if they replace the defective product. So do not even think twice, return it if it does not work. Customers must be satisfied with their purchase so they can buy more. 3. Human pheromones have undesirable side effects and reactions human pheromones can alter the behavior of a person. You can change the user and those around the user. Positive reactions or effects that are women or men are more attracted by the user. There are also negative side effects and often are called overdose. Usually occurs when someone puts too much androstenone in their bodies. An overdose is usually irritation. People around the user and the user himself is easily irritated. This is often accompanied by sudden bursts of anger that is inexplicable. It is important to pay attention to these side effects because it can affect your relationship with her lover and her friends unintentionally. 2. Androstenone pheromone is the most effective agent This reality is not scientifically proven or tested yet, but it is widely accepted that the pheromone androstenone would be the most important ingredient of any product of the pheromone. So it`s much better to buy products or androstenone androstenone heavy products pure, then mix it with other pheromones that already buy pheromone aftershave, if a person buys a beginner. Androstenone can change a person`s mood and behavior very easily, so it`s easy to see that the pheromone products really work, whether a beginner or a novice wearing the androstenone. 1. Human pheromones need a catalyst to make it work and make the wearer attractive This is the only truth that must be in the mind all pheromone users. I do not care if the user is a beginner or an experienced user of pheromones. human pheromones can not work alone. They can not work or attract someone with just the smell. One of the other four senses (humans have five senses, including smell) must also be stimulated in a positive, if not encouraged in a positive way, it is unlikely that pheromones work. The brain also needs to be stimulated by the brain is the most powerful determinant or principal to attract someone. This simply requires another entire article to explain, so I can not get that deep. You can check my other items by clicking on my name (author), if you want to learn more. The simplest method is to show the catalytic converter. If a girl is a bit `attracted to you, or otherwise using the clothing, so the increase of human pheromones, to improve and accelerate the attraction. However, if there is attraction, or the girl is turned away from something, human pheromones do not work in your favor, it could even increase the attractiveness of someone close to you, but definitely does not work in your favor.


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